A Real Life Chinese Group Course

Learning Chinese from a beginner


  • This course is specifically designed for Entry Beginners to enhance the foundation of learning Chinese.

  • We break courses into sessions and provide you a clear picture of each session's learning target and outcome.

  • We have designed 10 popular topics in Chinese daily life throughout the course.

  • Choose a Real Life Chinese course if you want to improve all of your Chinese langauge skills-speaking, listening, prounciation, vocabulary-for everyday use.

  • You'll use Chinese Mandarin from the first day in a relaxed setting to improve your understanding, fluency and confidence.


✅ Fast track your language learning

Native, professsional, experienced Mandarin teacher

✅ Small class sizes

✅ Mandarin Social quizzes night

✅ Speak the language from day one

✅ Enjoy lessons from anywhere

✅ Participate in interactive, communicative classes

✅ Receive individual feedback from your tutor

  • Level: Entry Beginner (Suitable for Adult Beginners)

  • Number of Lessons: 10

  • Content: 10 topics of a real life

  • Length: 5 weeks, 2 days/week, 1 hour/session

  • Class Size: 6 (Max)

  • Venue: Online

  • Cost: £200 £150

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