Online Lessons

  • With a tailor made course, learning Mandarin is fast, easy and enjoyable!

  • Have one-on-one Mandarin lessons on Zoom with our top-tier native Mandarin teachers with full support between classes.

  • Make the most of our personalized and interactive courses to achieve your learning goals, from corporate job interviews to helping your five year old learn a new language.

  • With our carefully structured sessions, we will accelerate your progress giving you the confidence to plan your lessons anytime and anywhere.


  • Best suited for the current school students

  • General Mandarin (focusing on all skills, such as reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary)

  • GCSE and A-Level Exam Preparation

  • HSK Academic Preparation


  • Best suited for those who wants to learn business Mandarin a detailed view of how the business sector currently operates in China.

  • We support our clients to connect and build relationships with Chinese teams, clients and suppliers, whether the communication objective is more effective daily interactions, developing a career or being more confident in work social situations.

  • We also offer dedicated and tailored business Mandarin one-on-one classes for banking and finance, law, politics and diplomacy, management consultancy, journalism, accounting and more, to ensure that you are confident and well-skilled in your area of expertise. And a detailed view price will vary.