This is a well-designed course that is very suitable for beginners who love to explore the rich culture of China and learn more about China, Chinese language and the everyday and business culture of the Chinese. It certainly will provide a good background and foundation for beginners to start from. This course can put you on the track, but the rest depends on you and how seriously you want to learn a new language since language learning is a process that takes time, patience and persistence.

Mahyar, Beginner Adult Mandarin Course, experienced language learner and teacher, TESOL instructor, 2020

I just finished the Adult Mandarin Course for beginners and really enjoyed it. Mandarin Language Course for beginners focuses on practical conversation language learning and it was a good foundation for this. Our instructor, Emmy, is super knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, and willing to tailor the content to the class’ needs. The audio tracks for each lesson were helpful to become familiar with the sounds and pronunciation. I loved the class size (4 in our class) – perfect for language practice. I’m looking forward to continuing to the next Adult Mandarin Course in the near future.

John Lemon, Group class, Online, 2020

I want to thank YES Chinese for the excellent instruction I received during the one-to-one intensive Mandarin course. The teacher had an enthusiastic manner and made learning enjoyable. Because of all the opportunity to speak, including the stories I prepared and told, I completed the course with a feeling of increased self-confidence as a speaker of Mandarin. The teacher has a complete command of Chinese grammar and was always ready to provide me with clear, easy-to-understand explanations of Chinese usage and sentence structure. Her provision of new vocabulary to me, together with daily review, has inspired me to apply myself and build my vocabulary and given me renewed hope that I will become a fluent speaker. After the intensive study, I passed my Mandarin exam with high marks.

Chay B, one-to one, university student, 2020

I just finished a five-day one-on-one intensive course with Emmy Wu. She is a very experienced language teacher who can understand the specifics of both Mandarin and English perfectly. Right away, she can tell my standard of Mandarin; my problems in terms of pronunciation, usage and fluency; and what I need to improve. Her proficiency in English helps my study and our communication a lot. She continuously encouraged me and referred me to meetup groups for future practice. I find this intensive course a turn-around point in my Mandarin study. Now I am more confident and enthusiastic than ever to use Mandarin. I highly recommend this kind of course to give yourself a boost so that the future study is made easier.

Steve G, Business intensive course, 2019

I would like to begin by saying this programme has met all my expectations and more. I have been very happy with my teacher and the progress that has been made. Coming into this course, my expectations were very high and quite frankly I was unsure that this programme would fulfill my expectations. I can now say with confidence that this programme and it’s teacher are well qualified to deliver results.

Juliet H, Group class, Online, 2020