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If you want to learn Chinese, the most effective way to enhance your knowledge and practice your language skills is to study Mandarin in China. A China language school offers more than just the skills students need to understand and speak Mandarin. It offers the chance to experience Chinese culture first hand by giving students an authentic learning environment.


Anyone who is ready and willing to take their Chinese knowledge to the next level should consider travelling and learning in China.


If you are ready and planning to travel to learn Mandarin in China, an important factor is choosing the right course that suits your level and schedule. YES offers a range of courses for different levels and ages.

Can’t find a course that suits your schedule or your needs?

We have you covered. YES can provide a bespoke study trip that is perfectly tailored to you. We will make sure your course is adapted to fit your specific and individual requirements so you can always make the most out of your learning experience.


Indulge yourself in the learning of

traditional Chinese culture such as

Tai Chi, Calligraphy, fan painting,

pottery, making dumplings and

Chinese cooking, Chinese festivals

​ and more.


Learn Mandarin in 100% immersion.

Interact with local people daily.

Cave exploring, rock climbing, visit

ancient towns, shop at local markets,

play Ping Pong and traditional Chinese

sport games with fellow campers.


Homelike accommodation with choice

of living in Chinese teacher's home or

hotel. Authentic Chinese food is

served daily in the naturally set-up

dining room.​


Top 6 Reasons to Visit Foshan

1. Foshan Ancestral Temple

Commonly called Zumiao Temple, the Foshan Ancestral Temple is both a museum and an entertainment venue. Go to see Cantonese opera or Kung Fu performances and the famous statues of former martial arts masters.

2. It's the Home of Martial Arts

The Bruce Lee Ancestor's House in Shunde District was built by the famous Kung Fu master's grandfather and you can see stills from his famous films and other memorabilia.

3. Mount Xiqiao

One of the four famous mountains of Guangdong Province, the extinct volcano is known for its beautiful scenery and the 203.4 foot Buddha at its peak.

4. Sanshui Lotus World

The world's largest lotus ecological theme park is the ideal place for a family outing. See the amazing lotus-shaped gateway, visit Lotus Fairy Square, Lotus Pond, and the 49-foot statue of the Lotus Fairy, or simply go to admire the rare and beautiful flowers.

5. Shunde district

Shunde Guangdong has been awarded the gourmet capital of the world by UNESCO in 2014, and enjoys the reputation as the hometown of Chinese chefs. The Qinghui Garden is famous for elegant buildings and quaint garden. The Shunfeng Mountain Park, Fengjian Water Town, Baolin Temple are very popular as well. You are able to take stunning pictures everywhere.

6. The Shopping

Locally painted wood prints, Manggong Cake, and traditional Yue embroidery are just a few of the items you'll find in Zumiao Commercial Street. The city is also known for modern malls like Baihua Plaza and the Lingnan Tiandi shopping district.

  • The third-largest city in the Guangdong Province in southern China, Foshan is a city of culture, art, and history.

  • It is near to many cities such as Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau.

  • It's the home of martial arts and Cantonese opera, and this vibrant city is ideal for both long vacations and short stays.