Learn Chinese Language & Culture to Connect with a Wider World

It’s time to equip yourself with the most wanted language in the job market today!

Why Study Mandarin?

  • Most widely spoken language in the world

  • Speaking Mandarin opens up many business opportunities in China and across the world

  • To strengthen the bond with existing Chinese business clients

  • Having Mandarin on your CV as a second language will be hugely beneficial to your career

  • You are interested in Chinese culture and would like to improve yourself

  • There are countless reasons.

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One-on-one ONLINE course

  • Student Course: Best suited for students who aim to achieve a short term learning goal, ie exam prep, speech practise or for complete beginners trying out learning Mandarin as a new language.

  • Business Course: Best suited for those who wants to learn business Mandarin a detailed view of how the business sector currently operates in China.

More Benefits:

Flexible schedule

✅ Fast track your language learning

Message outside class with questions

Homework checks are made outside the lessons

✅ Speak the language from day one

✅ Participate in interactive, communicative classes

✅ Receive individual feedback from your tutor

Specifically designed materials are fully tailored towards you, your level and your goals

A Real Life Chinese Group Course

  • Level: Entry Beginner (Suitable for Adult Beginners)

  • Number of Lessons: 10

  • Content: 10 topics of a real life

  • Length: 5 weeks, 2 days/week, 1 hour/session

  • Class Size: 6 (Max)

  • Venue: Online

  • Cost: £200

How Do We Teach?

We believe that language should be taught and practised through using and speaking the language. So be prepared to do a LOT of speaking in your lessons. Most of the materials we use are videos, songs, images, short articles, or materials are specifically designed for you. The majority of materials are created by our rich experienced teachers and all the lessons are fully tailored towards you, your level, and your needs.

Total Language Fluency

Language is for communication, we want our students to be confident and ready to engage in a Mandarin conversation, that’s why our training focus is to engage students to actively participant in speaking.

From Input to Output

We focus on active learning, task-based activities from speaking practise in class to presentation tasks or group project, you will be able to internalise what you learnt to perform in theses tasks, then in real life.

Contextual Immersion

We teach you language relevant to life outside of classroom by you interacting with tutors, engaging with classmates to talk, discuss even debate on interesting topics, and real contexts in our lives.

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